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Are you looking for an excellent translator/ local business assistant?-- We can help!!

Sep 11, 2017 10:01
Translation Services
Guangzhou, (Check Guangzhou job ADs)
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  Tel : 1856546**** ( Login to your personal account to view the complete contact information )

Mail : Ma****

Warning: Please confirm the personal identity and contract details before making any financial transaction to protect yourself from conspiracy and fraud.

Detail About This Listing


Our services include:
1) Advice and assistance with booking suitable hotel accommodation for your visit.
2) Assistance with the organisation of your business schedule in Guangzhou.
3) The organisation of pick up and transport to and from the airport and your hotel.
4) Assistance with arranging and attending at business meetings for the purpose of translation services.
5) Assistance with arranging sight-seeing in the evenings or after work.
6) We also provide sourcing agency services if you require ongoing assistance even after you leave Guangzhou.

One of our translators: Maggie

Maggie has four years of experience working as a translator, and has gained vast experience in the building materials sector understanding areas such as; ceramic, furniture, bathroom accessories, window and doors. She also has experience in clothing and jewellery, electronics, accessories and watches. Regardless of the type of products you want to source or purchase in china, Maggie will be able to recommend manufactures or the relevant markets without hesitation. She knows everything about the markets in Guangzhou and also in Foshan, Shenzhen, Zhongshan and Dongguan.


If you are interested in sourcing agency service, please contact me directly by We will assist you in sourcing your products at the best possible prices and follow your order, do QC after your leaving.


Upon contacting me, please mention that you saw my ad on eChinacities. Thanks!

Ad ID: 493481

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Username: Maggie(yiming216)

Please be cautious when making any financial transaction and understand the financial risk you are undertaking!

User Reported: Are you looking for an excellent translator/ local business assistant?-- We can help!!

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