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Small Group Adults English Courses in Guangzhou 纯外教英语小班

Oct 13, 2020 22:24
Language Learning / Classes
Guangzhou, (Check Guangzhou job ADs)
广州市天河区华穗路174号星辰大厦东塔1905室 Preview map location
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  Tel : 1881413**** ( Login to your personal account to view the complete contact information )

Mail : 278656****

Other Contact : WeChat 131139594900

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Detail About This Listing

Oral English Course with Native-English teachers from USA & Canada&Austria;! All professional English teachers with rich experiences are waiting for your arrival!

1. Every Monday & Friday 7:30-9:00pm 1 seat left
1. 每周一和周五 晚7:30-9:00 仅剩一个名额
2. Every Mon&Wed; 10:30-12:00 am 2 seats left
2. 每周一和周三 10:30-12:00 仅剩2个名额
3. Every Sat&Sun; 10:30-12:00am 2 seats left
3. 每周六和周日 10:30-12:00 仅剩两个名额
4. Every Mon&Wed;&Fri; 12:00-1:30 2 seats left
4. 每周一,三和五 12:00-1:30 仅剩两个名额

Size: 4-8 students in a group

Native English Teacher

English Language Training

Group or 1-1
小班 或 1-1

Daily Conversation

English for Tourism

Business Conversation

Room 1905 East Tower, Stars Building, Zhujiang New Town

详情请咨询:More details:
Tel: 020-29834434
Phone/WeChat: 13113959490

Upon contacting me, please mention that you saw my ad on eChinacities. Thanks!

Ad ID: 500067

Address: room 1905 East Tower, STARS BUILDING, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou
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Username: Kman(2786561386)

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User Reported: Small Group Adults English Courses in Guangzhou 纯外教英语小班

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