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Considerable Mandarin School in Zhujiang NewTown &Liede; (我们一起学汉语吧~)

Jan 21, 2020 14:12
Language Learning / Classes
Guangzhou, (Check Guangzhou job ADs)
广州市天河区珠江新城华穗路172号星辰大厦西塔1605室。(珠江新城B1出口) Preview map location
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  Tel : 1899838**** ( Login to your personal account to view the complete contact information )

Mail : end****

Other Contact : wechat:Endy827

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Detail About This Listing

广州市翰语桥语言培训中心Hanbridge language Training Centre
——Choose Hanbridge, get the advantages.
Working time: 8:00am-9:00pm everyday
Tel: 020-85645961

MB: 18998383060 (Summer) Wechat : Endy827

珠江新城校区:Add: Room 1605, West tower, Stars building, No.172 Huasui Road, Zhujiang New town, Tianhe district, Guangzhou MTR: (Exit B1,Zhujiang New town Station)
Add: Room 1304, E Tower, Poly Whisper Garden , No.70 Jinsui Road, Zhujiang New town, Tianhe district, Guangzhou MTR: (Exit D ,Lie de Station,Line5)

Add:Room2604, Huaxingge,Fengxing Plaza,No.29 Tianhe South 2nd Rd,Tianhe District, Guangzhou.(Line 3,Exit B,Shipaiqiao Metro Station)

A One-hour free demo class and private introduction can be enjoyed the first time when you come. In order to guarantee the course quality and efficiency, we will arrange experienced teachers to test your level, and recommend the most suitable text book for you.

Courses Introduction: 课程介绍
Main Course主要课程

Daily Chinese: 日常会话汉语 Business Chinese: 商务汉语
Short-term Intensive Chinese: 短期强化汉语 HSK Tutoring: 汉语水平考试
Company Training: 企业培训 Kids Chinese/English: 少儿汉语&少儿英语
English/英语 Japanese日语 Cantonese:粤语课程
Courses Modes: 课程形式
1. One on one: 一对一
2. Group class: 2-6人班教
3. Home or Office Teaching: 上门教学
4. Full-time Intensive study: 全日制学习
5. Afternoon class:下午特惠班
6. VIP class: VIP班
Class form and Price
1. Private class (one on one), 100RMB/Hour
2. Two Students Class, 65RMB/Hour/Person
3. Group class (3 to 6 persons), 50RMB/Hour/Person
1.Private: depends on you.
2.Two students class: depends on you and your classmate.
3. Group class: depends on the group, most popular schedule is like at 7 pm to 9 pm on Monday Wednesday and Friday.

When the student finishes course, he will be awarded our certificate of learning Chinese. And we will suggest and assist him to HSK Chinese exam to get the certificate which awarded by Chinese Education Bureau.

Upon contacting me, please mention that you saw my ad on eChinacities. Thanks!

Ad ID: 499689

Address: Room 1605, West tower, Stars building, No.172Huasui Road, Zhujiang New town, Tianhe district, Guangzhou MTR: (Exit B1,Zhujiang New town Station)
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User Reported: Considerable Mandarin School in Zhujiang NewTown &Liede; (我们一起学汉语吧~)

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