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Economical Mandarin Groups near ZhujiangNewTown &Liede; & Linhexi &Shipaiqiao; MTR

Jul 01, 2019 09:18
Language Learning / Classes
Guangzhou, (Check Guangzhou job ADs)
广州市天河区珠江新城新金穗路70号保利心语花园E栋1304室。(猎德地铁站D出口) Preview map location
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  Tel : 1899838**** ( Login to your personal account to view the complete contact information )

Mail : end****

Other Contact : WeChat:Endy827

Warning: Please confirm the personal identity and contract details before making any financial transaction to protect yourself from conspiracy and fraud.

Detail About This Listing

Wanna learn Chinese in a practical way? With 60 hours or so, you will learn to survive in China with texts including greetings, bargaining, timing, ordering, asking for directions and so on.Free Chinese level assessment and free trial classes are provided.

Depends on the group, most popular schedule is like 10-12am, 3-5pm ,6-8pm, 7-9 pm on weekdays,could be 2-3lessons/week

Every 10th and 20th,we’ll open a new group ~Welcome to join us!

Group class (2 to 6 persons), 70RMB/Hour/Person 

Learning topics
1.Greetings and self-introduce
2. Time expression
order food in the restaurant
5. Talking about family and occupations
6. how to make and answer phone calls
7.ask for directions and places the location of things
9.Learning how to describe one's health
10.Learning how to talk about leisure activities
11.describe weather and the climate
12.local slang and popular expressions

Working time: 8:00am-9:00pm everyday
Tel: 020-85645961
MB: 18998383060 (Endy)
Wechat : Endy827

珠江新城校区:Add: Room 1303, East tower, Stars building, No.174 Huasui Road, Zhujiang New town, Tianhe district, Guangzhou MTR: (Exit B1,Zhujiang New town Station)
Add: Room 1304, E Tower, Poly Whisper Garden , No.70 Jinsui Road, Zhujiang New town, Tianhe district, Guangzhou MTR: (Exit D ,Lie de Station,Line5)
Add:Room2604, Huaxingge,Fengxing Plaza,No.29 Tianhe South 2nd Rd,Tianhe District, Guangzhou.(Line 3,Exit B,Shipaiqiao Metro Station)

Add:Room26D,Cielo Court ,Metro Paradise,No.364,Tianhe North Road,Tianhe,Guangzhou.(Line 3,Exit C,Linhexi Station &Line; 1,Exit B,Tianhe Sports Center Station)

Upon contacting me, please mention that you saw my ad on eChinacities. Thanks!

Ad ID: 498655

Address: Room 1304, E Tower, Poly Whisper Garden , No.70 Jinsui Road, Zhujiang New town, Tianhe district, Guangzhou MTR: (Exit D ,Lie de Station,Line5)
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Username: Endy(endy2012)

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User Reported: Economical Mandarin Groups near ZhujiangNewTown &Liede; & Linhexi &Shipaiqiao; MTR

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